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African Snake Bead and Brass Bracelet

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Bohemian brass and African Snake Beads work together to make this piece ooze with personality.  This bracelet is made with glass "snake beads" which are unique and rare African Trade Beads.  The sturdy yet delicately beautiful brass chain can be adjusted to fit many wrist sizes.  The closure features 2 African beads.  This bracelet is one of a kind.

Everything is handmade in Chicago by Her Manos.  All pieces are one of a kind or part of a small batch (3 or less) collection.  Thank you for supporting small businesses.  In particular, thank you for supporting Her Manos.


Handmade in Chicago

One of a Kind

Free Repairs

Made in USA


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    Thanks for taking the time to check out Her Manos. If you have a penchant for well made things and view accessories as a form of self expresssion- then you're in the right place! I'm constantly in search of beads that speak to me, then I do my best to turn them into something that may speak to you. I have a particular affinity for African Trade Beads as well as colored agate. I make custom pieces as well. Did I hear bridesmaid gift?! Enjoy your browse.