her manos

Who is Her Manos:

I’m Jacqui McGuire, the “her” behind Her Manos.  I grew up with a hippie dad and a Mexican mom, playing ice hockey (back when hockey was not a girls sport).  My style has always matched my individuality and jewelry was always my top choice of self-expression. 

In 2008, my closest friend died while competing in the World Free Skiing Championships. Johnny’s death catalyzed a personal internal movement.  As I reflected on his short but substantial, well-lived, passionate life, I knew my only choice was to honor that existence in my own.  A few years of self-reflection and skill refining led me here.

I was also led here by a reluctance to buy the ubiquitous, mass produced crap that’s drowning stores’ shelves.  That, and the fact that I’ve always loved collecting beads and making jewelry.  

Why Her Manos

I’m a firm believer in well made, handmade, and locally made things. Therefore, everything from Her Manos is one-of-a-kind, made from only the highest quality materials, and handmade in Chicago using the best techniques by yours truly (me, Jacqui).

I have a passion for seeking out unique beads- beads that tell a story- especially trade beads which are truly a part of history in and of themselves. I take great pleasure in imagining the journey those beads have been on and I hope the pieces I create can help people tell their own story.

What is Her Manos?

My Irish-twin brother, Austin is an artist extraordinaire.  He is limitlessly creative despite the challenges he’s faced and I am profoundly inspired by him. One day while day-dreaming on the way to the grocery store I experienced my most genius moment to date. “Her Manos.”  It borrows a word from the Spanish and English dictionary much like we were raised (Mexican Mom/Irish Dad).  It conveys that objects are made by hand: her hands.  The icing on the cakes is that if Her and Manos were to be combined, hermanos is the Spanish word for siblings.  And that, my friends, is how Her Manos came to be.

Please look for a curated collection of Austin’s creations to grace this site in the weeks to come.

Keep Up with Her Manos

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Thanks for taking the time to check out Her Manos. If you have a penchant for well made things and view accessories as a form of self expresssion- then you're in the right place! I'm constantly in search of beads that speak to me, then I do my best to turn them into something that may speak to you. I have a particular affinity for African Trade Beads as well as colored agate. I make custom pieces as well. Did I hear bridesmaid gift?! Enjoy your browse.